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Licensing Exams for MBLEx & NCBTMB

Note: You must download the POWERPOINT Viewer on your CELL PHONE OR TABLET to review for MBLEx!

MBLEx Review #1

MBLEx Review #2

MBLEx Review #3

NCBTMB Review #1

Muscles Practice Exams

Posterior Muscles

Anterior Muscles

Posterior Muscles Exam 1

Anterior Muscles Exam 1

Posterior Muscles Exam 2

Anterior Muscles Exam 2

Posterior Muscles O/Insertion

Anterior Muscles O/Insertion

All Muscles Action

Skeleton and Boney Landmarks

Skeletal Review Exam

Boney Landmarks Exam

Anatomy Review Quizes

Anatomy Muscle Action

Anatomy Muscle Movement

Brian's Elective Classes

Applied Anatomy

Zero Balancing

Spiritual Development 1

Spiritual Development 2

Professional Ethics Practice Exam

Ethics Practice Exam

Massage History

KT Taping Class


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