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Gregg Braden
Georges-Henri LeMaitre
Rudolph Steiner

What is Spiritual Science?

Spiritual Science sounds like a contradiction in terms or an oxymoron at best. Yet, it is happening now. Science is getting closer every day to proving that the spiritual realm actually exist and that it works hand in hand with the physical world around us. Since the 1980’s quantum physics has made great leaps and bounds. One of the biggest revelations is the fact that the observer affects the outcome of the observed experiment. Sounds challenging, yet it is true. One scientist remarked, “If you understand quantum physics and you are not upset, you do not really understand it.”

Physicist John Archibald Wheeler (1911-2008) stated, “We live in a participatory universe.” He meant that the observer of the universe in not a passive observer. We affect everything we observe simply by just observing it. Wheeler also stated that, “Consciousness collapses the universe.” Yes, that is right! Wheeler perceived that the foundation of the universe was consciousness, not matter. Matter is the child of consciousness. Finally, Wheeler’s theory of backward causality where the observer decides the outcome of the experiment by which choice is made was proven in 2007, one year before he passed to the other side of existence.

Physicist Amit Goswami stated that, “Consciousness is the foundation of all reality. Matter and form arise from consciousness and consciousness is the observer and is non local.” Goswami is talking about higher consciousness, not just everyday human personality consciousness. This higher consciousness is non local meaning it is a unity consciousness that is everywhere at the same time.

Dr. John Oschman’s biological research concluded that it was impossible for an athlete to hit a 90 mile an hour baseball based on how fast the nervous system is able to react. Yet, this is what happens over and over again every day. He finally concluded that human sub consciousness is able to go back in time in order to perceive where the baseball is. This enabled the brain to react in time to hit the baseball with a bat. He also concluded that that the fascial system can act as a primal living matrix of unity thus, communicating to the whole body simultaneously. He tested this with ecstatic dancers who were monitored by EMG machines which measure muscle contraction and etc. When the dancers would reach an ecstatic state, all the needles on the EMG machine fell to zero! They were no longer using the nervous system but the living matrix of the fascial system which is non local and singular.

Based on the research of Lynn McTaggart, distance healing experiments from all over the world have shown positive effects of healing energy on patients with various illnesses. Yet, these discoveries do not make it to mainstream science studies. Dr. Popp was shown to discover that our DNA stores about 1000 bio-photons of light each. How can our DNA stop light from moving and hold it still until needed?

In geologist Gregg Braden’s work it is shown that DNA affects light and can hold it in place for thirty days even at a distance. One experiment done by the army shows that a DNA donor in one room can affect his own DNA when separated by fifty miles or more. When given a shock to his system the DNA reacted at the exact same instant.

There are many more impressive instances of science and spirit overlapping each other in the noble pursuit of truth and knowledge. Dr. Rudolph Steiner advocated that sincere honest materialists would discover the spiritual world. Steiner also called his work Spiritual Science.

We must remember that it was Father Georges-Henri LeMaitre who proposed the Big Bang theory or “hypothesis of the primeval atom” in 1927. Now this is considered a fact by most scientists since the discovery of the Big Bang echo still resonating throughout the universe. These are exciting times in which we are living. For more information on these subjects please inspect my website. All information is free for the taking. Finally in the words of a great master, “There is no religion, philosophy, or science higher than TRUTH.

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